The Tortoise and the Hairball

Tortoise and Hairball 3-D CoverTortoise and Hairball are neighbors. Not the good kind of neighbors. Tortoise does everything slow. And Hairball never lets Tortoise forget it. The “Tortoise and the Hairball” is a quirky twist on Aesop’s “The Tortoise and the Hare”. While this 32-page, cleverly illustrated book is ideal for ages 6 to 8, younger and older readers will also be entertained.

Who wins the race? You’ll have to grab your copy on Amazon to find out.

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Inspiration for The Tortoise and the Hairball

Like a lot of people I love Aesop’s Fables–The Tortoise and the Hare, The Lion and the Mouse, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, to name a few. I wish I could tell you some cool story for how I came up with “The Tortoise and the Hairball.” I was just musing a while back and thought, wouldn’t it be funny if the hare was a hairball?

Hey, I told you it wasn’t a cool story.

Tortoise and Hairball Children's Picture Book

Fortunately my early ideas of what Hairball should look like never made it into the book. My sincerest hope is that I’ve created a fun, quick read that kids (and parents) will want to enjoy again and again.

Let’s Talk About Tortoise and Hairball

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