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Finding fun, educational videos for kids can be tricky. The video you thought your child would love gets two thumbs down. The video that delighted your oldest child makes your youngest cover his ears and run out of the room–true story.

If you’re in the market for high-quality count to 100 videos, fear not. I’m always on a YouTube hunt for videos that are both fun and educational. Here’s a collection that will meet your child’s counting needs.


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#1 – I Can Count to 100 by Mark D Pencil

The song is catchy and upbeat, perfect for dancing. At less than three minutes, this video won’t threaten your child’s attention span. The numbers are displayed on a simple, colorful background. There’s a chant at the end of each 10 count. In other words, they count to 10, do the chant, and pick back up with 11. If you prefer a video that goes straight from 1 to 100, check out number 2 on this list.

#2 – Numbers Counting 1 – 100 by 4Kids Learning Videos

This video uses a red balloon to slowly count to 100. And I mean slow. My three-year-old was mesmerized the entire 15 minutes, much to my surprise.

I like this one because it forces viewers to concentrate on each number. This is the kind of video that will teach your child to recognize the numbers even when they are out of sequence.

**Warning: When viewing with your child, I’d skip the first few seconds of the video where they say, “4 Kids.” It just doesn’t sound right. I think you’ll know understand what I’m saying. I’m just saying…

#3 – Counting to Learn by GPA Learn

This one is a favorite at my house. It’s another video with a fun dance beat. It’s under four minutes. The animation is pretty cool. Don’t just take my word for it. Check it out for yourself:

#4 – Counting to 100 (Sports Theme) by 123ABCtv

This video will give you a Queen “We Will Rock You” vibe, so prepare to put your hands together. My son loved this video at first sight. I suspect it’s because of the sports theme. The video goes from 1 to 100 in under three minutes. You can’t get anymore straightforward than that.

#5 – Counting to 100 with Play-Doh by Dudes in Toyland

What is it with kids and play-doh? Is there an easy way to remove play-doh from the bottom of my child’s shoe? My play-doh woes aside, this 5-minute video uses play-doh balls to count 1 to 100. I didn’t expect my kids to like this one as much as they did. I think it’s just the magic of colors and that darn dough. There’s another interesting Play-doh numbers video, but at 43 minutes long it may be too long for younger viewers–and exhausted mommies.

You never know what learning resources will work best for your kids. My advice: check out a bunch of them. When you find a few they love, use the power of repetition.

Readers: What’s the counting situation over at your house? Can you recommend any videos? Leave a comment below.

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